Benson PFWB Church strives to minister to all ages in our Congregation. We have Teen Church during the 11am Worship Hour on Sundays.  Our Teen Church is called the ATTIC (Awesome teens trusting in Christ).  The ATTIC is designed to minister to children ages 13-17.  It is located above the Old Fellowship Hall.  It can easily be accessed by the black metal stairwell at the rear of the church.  All of our teachings are biblical and rely upon the Word of God.

Although we would never discourage parents and teens worshiping together in the Main Sanctuary, we encourage teens to attend Teen Church.  The traditional adult worship service sometimes fails to speak to our 21st century teens.  Many teens prefer contemporary music and worship styles.  The Teen Room is a place where the teens can feel at home.  They have decorated and designed the space to meet their unique needs.  By taking ownership in their ATTIC, they take ownership in the church.  At various times during the year we also recombine the Teen Church, Children’s Church and Adult Church.  Our Teens need to understand and experience the power of the Holy Spirit in the gathered presence of the whole Church.

The ATTIC was designed to bridge the gap between Children’s Church and Adult Worship Service.  Many times our teens seemed to be lost in the shuffle and fell out of fellowship.  Our teen messages are designed for teens and stay true to the Word of God.  We change our methods but never compromise the Gospel Message.  We try to address the unique needs of teenagers.  Worship in the ATTIC consists of prayer, worship, contemporary Christian music and preaching of the Word of God.  We stress the necessity of knowing the Bible and using it as our rule for life.  Members of the ATTIC can go on outings, attend Acquire the Fire and other teen targeted Christian worship events, go on summer mission trips and attend lock-ins.

The ATTIC also meets on Wednesday evenings at 7pm and Sunday evenings at 7:30pm.  On Wednesday evenings pizza and drinks are provided to make sure our teens have the time to come to Church.