Benson PFWB Church strives to minister to all ages in our Congregation. We have Children’s Church during the 11am Worship Hour on Sundays.  Our Children’s Church is called the LOFT (Little ones finding truth).  Children from ages 3-12 can attend.  It is located above the Fellowship Hall.  All of our teachings are biblical and rely upon the Word of God.

Although we would never discourage parents and children worshiping together in the Main Sanctuary, and do gather en masse at various times during the year, we encourage children to attend Children’s Church.  This allows parents to enter into Worship fully and with fewer distractions.  Our Children’s messages are designed for kids and are age appropriate and stay true to the Word of God.  Children in the LOFT are ministered to through song, games, teaching and preaching. We use contemporary Christian music and a contemporary style of worship to speak to the needs of our 21st century kids.  Our methods may change but the tried and true message of the Gospel is never compromised.

The LOFT, after the preliminary welcome, prayer requests, and songs is then split into three groups.  The 10-12 yr. old group remains in the main assembly area. The 6-9 yr. old and 3-5yr. old groups are moved into two separate classrooms.  By splitting the Children’s Church into three groups, we are able to tailor the Biblical teachings and Worship setting to their maturity and understanding. Once the Adult Worship service is finished then parents can come up to the LOFT and pick up their children.

For the younger children ages 0-2 yrs. old we also have a nursery during the 11am Worship service.  It is fully staffed every Sunday and is equipped to handle the needs of babies and toddlers. The LOFT also meets on Wednesday evenings at 7pm.  The Children’s Church also sponsors fun family outings and events throughout the year.

The LOFT also participates in the Johnston Co. Relay for Life and has raised thousands of dollars to aid in finding a cure for cancer.